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Services & Costs

It is particularly important to me to offer very personal and individually adapted dog training for you and your dog. Additional to the usual trainings there are two more fields that I devote myself to. These are medical training and professional assistance with finding the right dog for you.

Dog Training

first visit:
60-90 minutes for 60€

training session:

45 minutes for 48€

(15€ additional costs arise per 15 minutes extension)

Everyone of us is familiar with this - we spend time with our beloved dog and suddenly a situation occurs that reminds us of the strained sides of our friendship. For some of us this can be during a relaxed walk in the late morning or a cosy afternoon that we just wanted to spend at home that becomes a test of one´s patience. Even the nicest and most relaxed dog can show unwanted behaviour when being confronted with certain triggers and unfortunately this kind of behaviour is usually not accepted in our surroundings and society. This is where I step in.

Medical Training

Training session:

45 minutes for 48€

Visit at the vet together:

30 minutes (price depending on the location of the vet)


Far too often I have seen dogs that get anxious or even panic at the vet. If this behaviour is caused by a trauma from the past or just by the fact that a visit at the vet´s office is usually not very relaxing doesn´t make a big difference. It just causes stress but this doesn´t have to be that way!


With medical training we can take this stress and anxiety from the dog. It contains of different training scenarios that are structured as

Finding Paws

first visit:
60 minutes for 60€

visit of breeder/shelter:
(price depending on distance of destination and duration of visit)

What does finding paws mean? I have often met dog owners that have come to the conclusion that they haven´t really thought of the challenges that this special dog they decided for has brought to their live. So basically they have decided wrong when thinking about what breed or character of a dog would fit into their lives. This is really sad and something that doesn´t have to happen! Often it is exactly right to let oneself be guided by emotions but sometimes there are a lot more factors that should be included into a decision.

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